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    Adding P.S effects to A.E clip

    Guy Shenk

      Hey guys,


      I have this really short clip I'm working on in After Effects of a man sitting straight, facing the camera.

      I have some Photoshop filters that I want to apply on that man's face alone (without tampering with the background).


      One option is obviously to take a frame grab, move it to PS as a picture, using some tool to cut out the man's face,

      have the effects applied and then bringing it back.


      Questions  -


      A. There must be a better work flaw between AE and PS than saving images and loading them in PS

      B. Is there anyway I could move a whole clip to PS and work the effect on it with some motion tracking? If I'm to repeat the original process that I've mentioned (grab frame -> move to ps -> apply -> save -> bring back to AE) for each frame it will take hours.

      Can PS perhaps import a whole clip, allow me to apply effect for the first frame and then fix it a bit for the next frames?


      (P.S, the Photohop effects and filters are quite simple, some smudging and blurring that can't be done easily in AE)



      Thanks ahead!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          PS has been able to import certain video formats and image sequences in different ways ever since CS5 and you would render those normally out of AE. Motion tracking and animating parameters is a different story, since most of this won't be available in PS, but based on your rather vague and generic info nobody can really make much sense of this. Show us images and explain in more detail. In fact I'm pretty a sure you won't even need PS for the most part. It just seems you don't know neither programs that well and thus cannot judge their capabilities...



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            Guy Shenk Level 1

            Fair Enough.


            As I've said, I have a footage of a man staring into a camera, and I need to transform him into statue like.

            The footage is really nothing special.


            I've seen this tutorial here -  Photoshop: Transform Yourself into a Marble, Sculpture Bust! - YouTube

            which gives some nice results but its a PS tutorial.


            It uses some basic tools (smudge brush, etc...)  that I'm sure AE got, or has at least some variation of them, but I think that it might be easier to just do it in PS and then just import it