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    Compare features of current vs. previous versions of programs


      tl;dr: Is there any way to compare the current version with previous version of Creative Cloud software, especially Illustrator?


      I oftentimes need to know what functionality and tools have been added/removed/changed between the current CC version of a program and an older one, such as the CS6 or CS5 version. For example, at the moment I'm planning an Illustrator workshop where the participants will mostly use CS6, whereas I have the CC version. In order to avoid confusion, I would like if all the tools and functionality I want to show already existed in the older version of the program or have been changed since then.


      Is there any good source that will list functionality changes and possibly allow me to compare different versions? I would prefer not to have to read through endless pages of changelogs (provided I even find those).


      Alternatively, while searching for this I discovered I can install older versions of the software from the CC application. Can I, for example, install Illustrator CS6 alongside my CC installation and run both simultaneously to compare them 'manually'? Or will this screw up my Illustrator CC installation?


      Thank you!