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    Is there a way to re-name the "object/textbox" within the layer in the panel?

    digidandan Level 1

      I have a layout that has several near duplicate text boxes within the workflow within a layer, each one with just a minor copy change. What shows in the list of "items" in the layer is the first line of each text box (by default) and it happens they all start with the same text in each. Hence in the panel I have a list of of several items that all look identical and I can't differentiate between them when I want to click on a particular one as I turn them on and off.


      I am aware that I can rename the layer name itself, but is there a way to rename the items in the panel within the layer? I would love to rename some of them.


      If not I suppose I would have to duplicate the entire layer several times, renaming the layer itself,  each one nearly identical except for the small text change in each. Seems like this way would be a lot of wasted resources and space in the file.