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    Will After Effects work on Galaxy Tab Pro S?

    varxtis Level 1

      I am strongly considering upgrading my CC subscription to the All Apps option so I can start using a more up to date After Effects. I'm trying to figure out all the pros/cons and am also in the market for a 2-in-1. I need to know if After Effects will run on the Galaxy Tab Pro S and I mean actually run. Doesn't have to be lightning fast, as long as its not super laggy. I know it depends heavily on the type of project you're working on, but Id only be running projects with extremely basic elements, no particles or anything.

      While comparing system requirements with the Tabs specs, I can't tell if the Graphics card and the Processor will live up to the requirements.

      Also as a side question regarding 2-in-1s, are their adapters that are basically add-on/plug-in graphics cards? A freind was say, "oh ya, just get the teb and then buy an adapter!" but conveniently he didn't remember where he saw it, and I can't find anything about it.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check the minimum system requirements. You need a areal computer with at least 8gb of ram and an appropriately sized display to run AE and process video. If it's a real computer, it has a compatible CPU and you can get 8gb of ram then it may work but it's not going to be very fast.

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            varxtis Level 1

            So, as I said in my initial post, I DID review system requirements. I saw a 4Gig minimum,  not 8... but I figure in the end you're likely right that I should just look to a real laptop. I already have a "real" computer, something I built 6 months ago that pretty much cuts through these programs like butter, I'm very proud of it TBO. But I am needing something mobile I NEED a tablet, but was hoping to find something that would support AE. But until tech gets a biiiiit better, probably gonna need to choose table OR something that supports after effects. Thanks though.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I don't see anything wrong with this tablet. It would run AE CS5 or CS6 just fine. Of course the craptastic CC versions perhaps not so much with their bugs and excessive hardware demands...