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    file numbers on a print


      I print to A5,A4 & A3 prints on a canon ip8750 printer.

      The Lightroom "Official" templates only go up to 10" by 8"

      According,we have created custom templates for our prints

      I want to print the file number in the margin of each print,but this would only seem to be an option if you are using the "official " templates.

      So,two questions; 1; Is it possible to automatically generate & print the file number when printing to a custom template ?

                                    2; Can I get Lightroom templates for A5,A4 & A3,since these would allow me to add the file number


      Chris,North Wales

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It should be possible to use page setup for your custom sizes. Then you can make the print cell sizes correspond to the paper size.


          On the toolbar click on ABC. You can add custom text or select caption, title, filename etc from the drop-down choices. You can anchor the text box to any margin.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            I suggest to totally ignore any of the default "official" templates- they rarely suit our individual printing needs. Set your page size in your printers setup dialog, then set margins, layout, cell-size, etc, in the right-side panels.


            The 'ABC' suggested by 99jon , I think, only appears in the Slideshow module? (I do not see it in Print module)

            The Print module only allows 'Photo Info' in the Page Panel of Print module.

            The Info however can be constructed in the "Edit..." dialog