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    Typewriter Animation but need Backspace animation

    ouliwei Level 1

      I am working on a text typing animation and have found the Typewriter preset and the Type-on_Text_Preset to be invaluable.  What is need is to take the finished text and either backspace each letter to delete the entire sentence, move the curser back and delete a single word, or highlight the entire sentence and run a new new sentence animation.


      I've looked everywhere and of course I'm on deadline and can't wrap my head around creating it.


      Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help.

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          Gutter-Fish Level 4



          If you are on a windows machine you can try changing the color them to "high contrast 1"  then just do a screen capture of you typing whatever you need, backspacing, deleting, ect..in wordpad.  Then just composite it into the footage.  Since the high contrast setting has a black background you can just set the blend mode to multiply and you should just be left with the white text/cursor and the blue when you highlight text.


          If you access the keyboard settings I believe there is an option to turn the cursor off entirely as it's movement might be a little "jumpy" unless you have reall steady hands.

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            Gutter-Fish Level 4

            Otherwise you're just gonna have to be real creative with with animating shapes, masks and mattes.  For the deleting you can just render out the "type on" effect with transparency then bring it back and reverse the footage.  Combining that with an animated mask or matte to make the typed on text vanish as it goes backwards.  Then shape layers with an additive blend mode animating on to look like you are highlighting text, ect.   The easier option seems like a screen capture like I mentioned before.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Apply more text animators.



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                tanlezark Level 1

                I wrestled with something similar. I wanted to "type on" a line of text with a typo, "backspace" to the typo, then re-type with the correction. Is this what you were trying to do?




                Not the most elegant solution, but it works and is fairly quick:


                1. Create the first line of text (e.g. "It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.") Align the text left in the paragraph tab, finalise all of your text formatting.

                2. Animate it with the typewriter effect (or add an opacity animator and keyframe the range selector).

                3. Keyframe it so that it types the text on, waits for a second and then types the text back to the typo.

                4. Duplicate the text layer and change the text to the corrected text - "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

                5. Trim the layers so that the first layer ends on the final keyframe, and the second layer begins on the next frame. Since the layers are identical, you won't see the cut.

                6. Keyframe the second layer to type out the rest of the sentence.

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