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    Freeze in games

    the real POTMO Level 1
      I have 16 games that suddenly have started to freeze on some machines.
      There isnt any scripterror cos' i have an alerthook that puts all error messages and i have used the debugPLaybackEnabled = 1 so i can see that its not a script error.

      What happens is as follows:
      Im playing the game and suddenly at random time in random games (not always) the game freezes without any information why. The borwser still works but the game stopped. Its like you have pressed escape (but we havent). All games are in shockwave. They use flashes. The have alot of sounds. They have a lot of graphics. They use two external casts and loads end sends text to a server all the time using getNetText().

      We are using shockwave build 16 of v10 (shockwave) and v8.r22 of flash and firefox

      Does anyone have any clue about this?

      /Nisse Bergman
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          the real POTMO Level 1
          i have found some more stuff. If you write in a textinputfield the exitFrame event is called and the stage updates.

          Anyone got any ideas of this?

          It happens in movies mithout flash and without alot of graphics and sounds as well.
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            the real POTMO Level 1
            A massive response on this thread... from me only. Seams that not so many has this problem but about half of my workcollegues (spelling?) has the problem and my homcomputer has it but not my work computer.
            Anyway i tested the new Firefox Beta 1 yesterday and it seams as they have fixed the bug now.
            Its just to wait and see if its still fixed when the real version 2.0 gets out.