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    Rays of light and hologram 3D

    Oaneyl Level 1

      Hello everyone !


      I made this holographic stuff. It's just a solid with some text and elements, and I applied Holomatrix to it. I also created a light layer with three solids: an optical flare, a light beam, and a glow. So, I do know how to create the hologram, but I would like to make it more credible, I would like to make it look like it would be a 3D hologram. I already activated the 3D option, but it's not that credible... I would like the holographic square to seem to be INTO the light rays, so, as if the holographic square was in the middle of the light, with some light rays in front of it. Because right now, if you take a look at the picture, it looks like I'd just copy and paste the two compositions in 2D...


      Thank you in advance.


      (I used Video Copilot Optical Flare to create the light beam).



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you could use a more tasteful overall image composition. Naturally anything that is dumped straight on in the center of a composition will not look that interesting. That aside, all the other ingredients are missing, too - there's no background, so there is no way to even assume it would be in some sort of 3D space, there are no artifacts/ glitches, no lens distortion, it's too evenly lit and the rays don't cut off at the projection plane. Your problem is really not that it's not 3D, you simply lack in a basic understanding of things like image composition and perspective perception. Reading some books on traditional painting, attending an arts class or participating in a filmmaking course clearly would be useful here. This is not a technical thing, it's an artistic problem.



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            Oaneyl Level 1

            Hi, Thank you for your answer.


              Yeah, I understand what you mean. Indeed, I don't have any background in arts. I took filmmaking courses during 3 years, but I never had the opportunity to take FX courses, that's why. The screenshot was the beginning of the comp, here is another one with the text and so on. There were also some noise, ghost interferences, glitch, I don't know if it's a bit more credible with this screenshot. I also added the background, basically it's a room with other stuff but now I'm just making a try. It's just a text, so I need it to be visible and clear, and not to rotate it. I did some other holograms but this is people instead of a square, I have the feeling that the main problem (my amateurishness aside) is the square actually. I created this square hologram after seeing tutorials on youtube. I don't know if it's more clear but I'd just need some light rays to be in front of the hologram, as if the square was inside the light beam, straight on the basis. I'd need the light to touch the borders of the square and """wrap""" them.


            Thank you in advance




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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You need a scene to put the sign in and you need to use a lot more elements. Here's one that I threw together using Trapcode Shine, a Spotlight for the source of the projector, pre-comps of a masked copy of the sign I wanted to project. and a bunch off levels controls to get the colors the way I wanted them. Venetian Blinds was used for the scan line effect. I tried to match the perspective so the sign was projecting a hologram just above the hand rail. Total production time about 5 minutes. With a little more tweaking I would be fairly close. The real trick would be to camera track this shot so I could insert my Halo sign as a 3D element in the shot that would move around as the camera follows the train. To completely set up this comp in that way I would probably have another 10 layers and about an hour into the production. Take a look:

              Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.37.17 PM.png