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    Cannot open AdobeStock_56567161.ai because it is the wrong type of file



      I am on a PC w/Windows 10, running Photoshop Elements 11. I recently downloaded ten .ai files from Adobe Stock.


      With four of the files I received an Import PDF window, then a Rasterizing File window, then Photoshop Elements displays the image.


      With the other six files I get "Cannot open AdobeStock_59291716.ai because it is the wrong type of file."


      I cleared my browser cache and internet history. I've used Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to download the files. On one of the files I was not able to download a second time - I got "Licenses for this image are no longer available." All nine others allowed me to download twice.


      Has anyone else had this problem of some files being accessible and not others?


      P.S. I tried to Watch the Intro to using Adobe Stock (without CC Libraries) 5 min. but it took me to the Creative Cloud link.


      Thank you advance for any help with this.