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    My pictures completely chance as soon as I switch to "develop" mode


      I'm pretty new to Lightroom and I would love to work with it, but I have no idea what's happening to my photos. I saw a lot of tutorials and know how to import a pictures and what I can do with the develope mode. But as soon as I import one of my pictures (JPEG format) and switch to the "develop"-mode, my picture is kind of screwed up and I don't know what to do. I tried it with pictures from an external hard drives as well as with pictures on my laptop. I also closed everything and rebooted my laptop, but it's still the same.


      problem lightroom 1.jpg

      This is the picture I just imported to Lightroom. Everything looks right so far. But as soon as I push the "Develop"-Button this happens:


      problem lightroom 2.jpg

      Why does my picture look that way when I try to modify it and how can I change it so that I actually see my pictures with the original colors?


      I hope I can find someone who can help me. Thank you so much!