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    Overwriting camera jpeg using Save as

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      I usually don't record in-camera jpegs, preferring to post process raw files. However, recently for an event job I decided to record raw and jpeg, and only post process a small number of raw files to replace the camera-produced jpegs where there's a really quality gain. This is where I discovered that the Save As dialogue doesn't offer you the option to overwrite an existing jpeg, instead insisting on creating a new file with an _1 appendage.


      I can understand why that would be the default behaviour, but I don't understand why there isn't a check box to enable you to force overwriting on any existing jpeg. I keep a new folder for each job so I can't accidentally overwrite the wrong jpeg (I.e. An entirely different shot which just happen to have the same name). As it is I have to open the file in PS CC2016 and then save it, only then being able to tell PS to overwrite the existing file. That's a lot of extra steps!


      My filing system relies on having a raw and a jpeg with the same name except for the file extension, so I really don't like the current behaviour.


      Am I missing something? Is it possible to force an overwrite and if not, please Adobe could we have it in a future release. It can't just be me that doesn't want to keep lots of spurious jpegs on my precious HD space.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think there is too much room for error even having a check box. People really don't always check everything - I know I don't. and to accidently have that box checked could be disastrous. Only workaround I can think of is to write a script that goes through your folder of limages and looks for files that have the _1 appendage then have the script delete the original and rename the new file.

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            Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

            As a potential work around, if Photoshop can identify the “event” of opening a file from ACR rather than as a standard “open” command, then the Photoshop Script Events Manager could possibly automate the saving/closing of the ACR “edited” JPEG. Otherwise as Chuck states, this pretty much defies the mantra of ACR/LR of “non destructive editing”.

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              tim-p Level 1

              Thanks for the responses.


              I guess the answer is to create a sub folder and put all the camera jpegs in it. Then use ACR as normal. Then copy all the original jpegs back chosing to skip any which would duplicate. Then delete the folder. A bit of a pain, but quicker than opening/saving all the new jpegs.