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    Lightroom CC crashes during preview build

    Jesper M Olsen

      I'm running the latest version of Lightroom on a fresh OS X yosemite system. Imac primo 2009 with 8 GB, newly installed SSD drive. The system only runs Lightroom no other apps.


      The catalogue is on the internal SSD, photos 45000+ is on a new usb 3.0 external drive (but only connected to a usb 2.0 port, since there are no usb 3 on my imac)


      I'm trying to build previews of the catalogue. Have tried 1:1, smart previews and regular previews.


      Lightroom crashes during the process.


      Can anyone help me with hints to what the problem might be?


      Is the system too slow? Can force Lightroom to use less power during build?