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    Hardware upgrade advice

    funkytwig Level 1

      OK, so I am thinking of upgrading my computer.


      Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H. i7-3770 CPU,16GM RAM, GeForce GTX 660 Ti, RAID5 (4 disks, 6TB) & RAID0 (2 disks, 4TB) Arrays (WD Black Drives).


      I use both Premiere Pro and FCPX (obviously I am looking for PP advice here). As I only have 16GB so going to 32GB is a no brainier. I was thinking of going to a 6th gen 4Ghz CPU but have been advised it is not worth it. May go to a i7-3770K and over-clock.  My goal is to be able to edit 4k more smoothly. I can just about edit 4k prores proxy but GH4 camera files are too much, but i think I would need a dual socket Motherboard and a cople  of 4Ghz CPUs to do this, but beyond my budget (I think).


      So if I dont upgrade the CPU/Motherboard the graphics card seems the best option. Now PP suports OpenCL (and because I also use FCPX) I am thinking a AMD card.   My Motherboard has two full sized PCIx slots but only one is 16*, the other is 4*. Was wondering if 4x was actually any use, could get a couple of AMD cards, wondering if it is worth it and which cards to get.  My current PSU is a 550 and only have 2 power connectors for GPU (both currently used) so may need to upgrade this.


      So what do people advise?