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    Plug-in for OSX Photos Library import to Lightroom?


      Hi all, I upgraded an iPhotos library to the new Photos app when it first came out. Since I was aware that Lightroom had an "iPhoto Import" plug-in, I always assumed there would be a "Photos Import" plugin available. But from my research online, it appears that Adobe has not developed one. My issue is that I have spent extensive time organizing my photographs into albums in the new Photos app library, and I cannot afford to redo all of this by starting over in Lightroom. These aren't simple snapshots that can be simply reorganized by date--they are images from a multi-year research project, and feature 36,000 photographs pertaining to very specific categories of information. Since many photos appear in multiple albums, it's not as easy as exporting each album as a group to then import them into Lightroom to keep them separate/grouped.


      I would be grateful for any help on how to import my Photos Library into Lightroom (CC or other) while maintaining the album organization--or knowledge about whether Adobe (or a third party developer?) has plans to make a plug-in similar to the one they had for iPhotos. Essentially, the current limitation means I cannot become a permanent Lightroom user and will forever be tethered to my Photos app.


      PS--opening my Photos library into iPhoto doesn't work either--it only shows the albums I made before I upgraded to Photos, not the year's worth of additional organizing I have done since. I was surprised by this, as I hoped it would be a quick fix (i.e. opening the new Photos library in iPhoto and then using Lightroom's "import from iPhoto" plug-in).