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    Buggy software, Impossible to preview, should I upgrade my 8 GB RAM to 16 GB?

    Oaneyl Level 1

      Hello everyone,


        I have a SSD disk with 200 GB left for my AE compositions, and a 8 GB RAM. I'm working on a huge project for months, a documentary with a lot of FX. I made a lot of 3D with Cinema 4D and Element 3D, the project contains thousands of layers, the duration is about 40 minutes. There was no problem until last week, the renders and previews used to be quite quick, working on AE was easy and smooth, but since last week, it suddenly became impossible to work on the project (when I reached 30 mn and add a lot of compositions with FX such as Holomatrix, I have dozens of compositions with Holomatrix applied on them), the render is way too short, I can only render 5 seconds, and when I'm working on AE, for example when I want to drag a new file into the comp it's extremely slow, it takes 5 minutes to import a small folder inside the project and so on.


      Anyway, it turns difficult to work with AE and yet it was easy a few days ago. I tried everything I could on the internet, all the settings with the cache, the memory and so on. I work with my 8GB RAM and when I'm working on AE, my windows task manager tells me that 96% of the capacity of my RAM are being used. Does that mean that I don't have enough RAM to work on such big projects?


      Do you think that if I upgrade it to 16 GB I will be able to use After Effects easily again so I can finish my project?


      Thank you in advance.