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    Adobe CC prepaid subscription not working, not recieving any update from tech support other than they keep saying they will contact me in 24 hours every day for almost two weeks now.


      I keep being shuffled around by the support staff agents and constantly lied to saying I will recieve an update in 24 hours. Every 24 hours I have checked and they keep repeating the same lines to me. They say my case was escalated but I have been ignored since 28th of April.


      I am in urgent need of Adobe Illustrator as all of my files for a big project I am working on at my job and I need to get it resolved urgently. What are the steps I need to take other than a chargeback for the sum of money adobe took for the prepaid plan. As of right now it says "No subscription found"


      Some transcripts I have of what I've been told from support agents:


      "Avinash: I  understand  your concern , I  have documented   your issue  and you  can refer  to your  case 0218518152 , they will  sure contact  you   with in 24 hours" -Yesterday


      "Chaitra: I see that the case 0218518152, is been escalated regarding the activation, I request you to wait for the relevant team to reply." May 4, 2016 - Also told me that I would get a reply in 24-48 hours "Chaitra: NO worries, you will receive email with in 24 hours."



      Here is another transcript from  May 3

      "Benson: I am sorry as the earliest you will get the response from our relevant team and you can use that please wait till that.

      Me: When is the earliest

      Me: I was told 2-3 days it is already long after that

      Benson: They are still working on that today they will try to fix that and they will contact you.

      Me: I need a timeframe

      Me: I cannot work otherwise

      Me: I have clients

      Benson: You will get a response with in 24 hours."



      It is not fair that adobe is ignoring me this way and instructing its agents to repeatedly lie to me. Please advise, it is the first time I am using Adobe CC subscription.