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    Pop up and closing button …

    Martijn Busink

      I made pop ups in Indesign CC 2015 to make an interactive PDF. The pop up is a transparent full screen black frame dimming the background, a smaller frame with the information and a small closing button in the top right corner.


      When open you can close it with a small closing button, but when you accidentally click on the pop up outside this small closing button it gets deactivated (or something) and you can't close the popup at all (even after changing pages). The closing button is still on top (as defined in the tab order).


      I tried to fix it by making the closing button 'visible' (again) if you click on the pop up (the button consisting of the black frame and the smaller one), but that doesn't work. Another workaround could be to close the pop up by clicking anywhere but I don't find that very elegant.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How EXACTLY did you create this effect?

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            Martijn Busink Level 1

            Create buttons from the three elements involved in the Buttons And Forms window:

            1. One button to show the pop up upon clicking. Actions with clicking show the two Buttons 2 and 3 below and to hide itself (because Buttons always are on top):

            2. A Button (group consisting of the black full page frame and a information frame), hidden until the first button is clicked (using the eye, crossed eye and the cross icons in that Buttons And Forms window).

            3. A closing Button, also hidden, same actions as button 2. Added action is to close 2 and 3 and show 1 again when clicked.


            Hope this is clear enough (have to translate the terms from Dutch).


            A picture to clear things up further I hope:



            The problem is clicking outside Button 3 disables it.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Button 2 (which is the background) hides all three buttons so what you're seeing is exactly what I would expect.


              FWIW, I will repost my feelings on doing this with a PDF. This is just not what interactive PDF was intended for and there are far better methods with other formats.


              It's okay to say no to interactive PDF

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                Martijn Busink Level 1

                Oh, no actually, there's no action on button 2 (I accidentally added it my mockup, it's not in the original file. Just the 'hidden' tick at the bottom). So clicking should do nothing.


                I keep telling my collegues* that PDF is not the best format for a lot of this kind of interaction, because I think very labour intensive and the end results leave a lot to be desired, maybe your article helps me strengthen my argument.


                * We even had clients to insist on it, for whatever reason.