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    Customize layer controls, or lock layer scale?


      Hello everyone. I've been using AE for several years, and something that's always been a real pain where the sun never shines, is the fact that I can't seem to disable scale from the layer controls.


      So for example when I'm animating a character and I want to change the position of the hand, but accidentally grab the scale handles and scale the hand instead of moving it. When working with really small layers, it's basically impossible to NOT grab the scale controls, unless you zoom in to something like 400 or 800%.


      So does anyone know of a way to disable/hide the scale handles from the layer controls, or perhaps simply lock the scale so it can't be changed? Maybe there is a script that allows you to do this? Or maybe there is a simple setting I've somehow overlooked?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want any property to lock  all you have to do is add an expression that puts those values in the proper array. Scale for example has XY, and if the layers 3-D, Z properties. To lock scale at 100% click on the stopwatch with the alt/option key pressed to start an expression and type in

          [100, 100, 100]

          That is all there is to it. The layer is just 2D  you will only need the first two 100s. I do this all the time for position when I am editing masks on a layer.