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    GREP help?

    phyllisj9 Level 2

      Can anyone help me with a piece of GREP?  I'm pretty sure there's a way to automate this, but I don't know what it is:


      I have a long list of names, and they're like this:


      Firstname Lastname 1

      Firstname Lastname 5

      Firstname Lastname 14


      There's always a number at the end of the line.  I need to put the number on a separate line so that I can flow these onto place cards (name in one textbox, table number in the next text box).


      I imagine there's a GREP method of searching on the space before any digit and changing it to a return. I know how to search for any digit, but I don't know how to say replace it with a return plus the original digit again.  That's a GREP thing I'm pretty sure.


      Anyone willing to help me out with that?


      Much appreciated.


      Thanks, Phyllis