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    AE CC 2015 crashed on Startup OSX 10.10.5


      This issue actually occurs with multiple Adobe CC products, but After Effects gives the most information when it crashes on startup.

      I am on running OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 all the details of my system and the crash are in the screenshot.


      After Effects Crash info.jpg


      I was away from work for three months, and I don't know what was installed on the machine while I was away but this install was working perfectly fine when I left. This problem also occurs with Premiere Pro CC 2015 and Adobe Audition CC 2015. With both of those IT simply shows Adobe XXXX CC 2015 quit unexpectedly.


      This machine is also used with ProPresenter 5, and a Blackmagic Design ultrastudio, to connect to a Digital Video switcher for keying titles and other graphics.


      Sketchup 2016 was installed while I was away(the only software that I could find that was installed) and  I uninstalled it again with no effect.


      I have tried updating and even reinstalling after effects but still it crashes.


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