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    Why can't we easily get a paid receipt?  NOT the same thing as an invoice.


      I'm adding another voice to the many that are talking about this issue on the various forums.  Per our state regulations, we must provide a paid receipt with our credit card records that show what we paid for and the fact that it was paid ($0 balance remaining).  Not usually a problem.  Went in to my account, easily found the place to print an invoice, but that shows the balance remaining, as if not yet paid.  Looked and looked for a paid receipt, but no luck.  Searched the site, searched the forums but only found lots of other people with the same issue but no resolution.


      Dear Adobe, for many of us, if not all, an invoice is NOT the same thing as a paid receipt.


      This seems to be the crux of the issue.  Once I finally got connected to someone on the live chat, who eventually sent me to something I could print out but did not contain information about what was purchased and didn't show zero balance, I replied to the support with this:

      "We'll try this, but it still shows a total, rather than "paid" amount. Receiving a receipt for a transaction is such a normal business practice, I agree with the many forum entries about it that this should be as easy to find as the invoice is.  You shouldn't have to dig, search and chat just to get proof that you've received our money.  Please pass this feedback along to someone who might do something about it."


      Two business days later, I received this canned response, which clearly missed the point:

      "Thank you for contacting Adobe.


      We apologize for the delay in response and inconvenience caused to you. We really appreciate your patience in this regard.




      We sorry [sic] that  there is no option to send the invoices via email now and you need to log in to your account to download the invoice,.


      We will take your feedback and let our team know about your frustration .


      The steps to download and print Invoices.


      1. If you're not signed in, sign in to www.adobe.com. The Sign in link is located on the top menu of most pages.

      2. After you've signed in, click your name on the navigation bar, and then click Manage Account.

      3. Under the Plan & Products section, click Manage Plan.

      4. Plan details, Payment Details, and Billing History are listed on this page. To print the invoice, click the Print button next to the invoice.

      5. Click the Print icon of the PDF viewer or choose File > Print in the browser to print the invoice.


      You can also refer to the link for the steps.




      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via live chat.


      Thank you,

      Adobe Customer Service."


      I can print invoices all day long with ease.  That isn't what I need or what I asked for.


      If anyone knows a secret path to a paid receipt, in spite of these difficulties, please share it.  Otherwise, if someone from Adobe is reading this, please try to understand what the actual problem is and pass along the need.