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    Create preset in Lightroom that matches an existing toned image

    Matthew A Kraus Level 1

      I would like to make a preset in Lightroom that would match the tone I have in an image.


      I have an image I made that has a sepia like tone.  I made this in the past and I don’t remember the procedure I used to tone it, be it with Photoshop, Lightroom or a third party software.


      I can identify the tone in photoshop, even make a swatch of it, and see what it’s HSL values are.


      Is there a way I can take this swatch or the toned image (I do have the HSL values) and bring it into Lightroom and make a preset of the tone so I can use it on other images.  I prefer to not make this preset with visual comparision to the toned image, but be more exact and “do it by the numbers”.


      I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to approach this.




      Matthew Kraus