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    LR & wacom tablet navigation

    BjoernHirsch Level 1



      I have bought an intuos pro small size to edit in Lightroom after all the great reviews of speed & productivity increase with a graphic tablet.

      I even customized the pen buttons & tablet functions based on some good learning videos.


      I am getting used to the pen in the brush function , but still lost for the overall usage.

      It seems very hard to switch tools or control the lightroom panels with the pen .. like selection a preset , switch to the right side selecting a camera calibration etc ...


      Is it just me (working on a MACbook pro with no external mouse not getting the usage or is there a "trick " you use the pen for controlling the panels as fast & precise as I do with the macbook trackpad ?


      Any tips welcome as a mix on trackpad & grabbing the pen from time to time does not look like what I see in the training videos ?


      But for me the pen is too sensitive to work fast on the panels


      Any tips are very welcomed