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    Billing issue popup


      Does anyone know how to get rid of the "please check your billing information" popup?

      CC billing popup.jpg


      My debit card that Adobe CC bills to was stolen, so I had it cancelled. I forgot to update the info for my CC billing, so the payment didn't go through the first time. As soon as I realized this, I put in a different card. The card worked and payment was completed.


      Since then, I've been getting the daily popup showing there's an issue. I've contacted Adobe chat 3 times. Each time I've been told that my subscription is active, and that there are no problems with billing. Each time I'm told that they will escalate the issue to the appropriate team, and that I'll be contacted by email in 2-3 days, but I've yet to receive an email about the problem. On the last chat (May 6) I was told that I'd be contacted within 24 hours. I've yet to hear anything back about what they're calling a technical issue or glitch.


      Can anyone help me with this?


      Partial transcript of the 3rd  chat:

      Swati: I have checked and see that your subscription is active and you are getting this error due to some technical issue.

      Swati: In this case, I will go ahead and escalate this case to the relevant team. They will work on this issue and get back to you with the resolution within 2 to 3 business days via email.

      Debra Tremper: Ok. I was told that on April 27 when I first contacted you guys, but no one has contacted me yet.

      Debra Tremper: And again on May 4.

      Swati: I understand your concern.

      Swati: Please do not worry.

      Swati: I will go ahead and escalate the case with higher priority, you will be contact by our relevant team within 24 hours.