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    Keep options on bulleted lists - is it possible to apply different keep rules to the first and last bullets


      I'm laying out a document which includes a number of bulleted lists. Right now they're all styled with a paragraph style which I'm (generally) happy with. The lists differ in length between 2 bullets with small amounts of text and about 20 items many with a lot of text.


      I'm trying to set keep options (or any other means of controlling this) to require:

      • the first two bullets in a list are kept with the text before the start of the list (which is generally formatted as body text)
      • the last bullet/two bullets (I'm wanting to test both options and see what they look like) in a list will be kept on the same page as the rest of the list
      • lists to flow across pages where there are a lot of items (i.e. not to keep all list items together as currently happens if each item on the list is treated as a separate paragraph and keep with previous is turned on to address the first of these points).


      I'm trying to avoid having to do this by hand so that I can quickly deal with changes to copy from the team creating the content.


      I've searched the forums, spent some time on Google and watched a lot of video tutorials but I'm still non the wiser. I'm running the current version of InDesign CC. If anyone can help with this I'd be really greatful as I'm pretty confused right now as to whether what I'm trying to do is actually possible without scripting.


      Thanks for reading.