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    Script to Batch Convert all Linked images?

    cam3LD Level 1

      Does anyone know of a script that I can use to convert all my linked files to jpegs? I have to deliver the ID file to client with hundreds of linked images and don't want to have to convert (and relink) all the PSDs one by one.


      Bonus: changing all the names of the files to CLIENT-NAME_001.jpg



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think, this can be done without using a script.

          You'll need a PhotoShop action and a batch process in PhotoShop to do the conversion from PSDs to JPGs.

          Then in InDesign relink all selected PSD images in the Links folder with the Relink File Extensions command where you can choose the proper suffix, jpg, to relink from PSDs with the same name, but a different suffix. ( InDesign CS5 and above )





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