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    Rh 2015 & Rh 10 — Search results not prioritizing properly


      I created my project in Rh 10 and recently migrated it to Rh 2015. The problem I am describing has been present in both versions in exactly the same way.


      I have a topic called "PCAP Files" (pcap_files.htm). I would like it to be the first result when the user searches for "pcap," but it is not: it's always 9th or so, as shown:


      I have "pcap" and "pcaps" in the search keyword list for the "PCAP Files" page and no search keywords for PCAP APIs (which is always listed first). Those other topics in between either do not contain "pcap" in the search keyword list, or they do but "pcap" is not in the title, filename, nor TOC entry.


      How do I make sure that the "PCAP Files" topic is first or second in the search results?