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    Adding Audio to a Flash presentation

      I have a Flash presentation for a client and I am using scenes to navigate through the different pages of the mockup website that I have created for them. In my own website I have an externally loaded mp3 player that points to an xml playlist: www.graphicdesignlounge.com

      Is it possible to do this with my presentation or will the audio player have to be loaded into each scene? This would cause the problem of having the audio reload in each page. Any help or suggestions on how to do this differently would be appreciated.


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          Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
          Don't worry, Christina, if the mp3 player is its own movieClip, it will play independently of the main timeline. You just have to make sure that this movieClip is on the timeline in all scenes. (Only a consideration if you put it on stage in design mode; if you place it via actionscript (attachMovie), that's anyway the case automatically).
          For your information, scenes are only logical separations of the main timeline in design mode; during execution the scenes are fused together. This often causes a problem for people who expect them to be physically separate. In your situation it's a benefit.
          Good luck