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    Applying digital signature to multiple pdfs


      We have been provided, by our client, an action which will create a signature field in multiple pdfs.  Is there a way to create a similar action which will populate that signature field with a digital signature that is located on my machine, sort of like a batch process?  Clicking the field and then placing the correct signature on hundreds of pdfs will take a considerable amount of time.  It may be helpful to note that I have minimal Javascript experience.

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          IsakTen Level 4

          You can definitely do that with JavaScripts. The problem here is to automatically find signature field that you want to sign in multiple PDFs. If you created all these PDFs, then you can give signature fields in them uniform names and then use these field names in your JavaScript.

          I am not sure how to do that using Actions because you'll have the same problem here -- how to find signature filed to sign but you can try.