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    Nothing Captured, Only  Desktop


      I'm evaluating Captivate and am running into what I hope is a newbie oversight. Whenever I de-select "Enable Auto Recording", nothing but the desktop is recorded with the mouse doing what looks like a quarter turn movement at the end of the recording. I am not trying to record a web page, but rather the opening of a program with some mouse movements. I have tried recording when the application is already open, but no luck. I can however capture everything if I trun on Full Motion Recording, but the resultant video is not very good. I have NO problems when the "Enable Auto Recording" is selected, everything looks great (without Full Motion Recording....only Auto is selected for drop downs or drags).

      I'm also looking at Camtasia, which seems to be less featured than Captivate, but is preety easy to use. I also like the fact that it provides additional output formats. Anyone know if next version of Captivate includes additional formats?

      Using WIN XP Pro

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi zooski and welcome to our community

          When you DE-selected "Enable Auto Recording", the recording onus was put more on your shoulders. First off, I need to point out that Camtasia Studio (a neat little product and loosely a Captivate competitor) and Captivate take two entirely different approaches to recording. CS records everything as one large video in real time. Captivate is "event driven". It takes screen shots when it senses an event has occurred. In auto recording mode anyway.

          Once you shift into manual recording mode (what you did by De-selecting the auto recording option) you need to press the Print Screen key (assuming you haven't changed it, which you can do) to force Captivate to take a screen shot. Note that you can also force additional screen shots even while auto recording by pressing this key.

          Hopefully this helps answer your question. If not, post back and explain further.

          Sincerely... Rick
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            zooski Level 1
            Thanks. Got it. I can see now that the cursor movements are there for each screen shot....so, I need to insert those screenshots. Makes sense. I'll keep playing with it. This is a nice piece of software, but how are people dealing with the multiple format need? For example, we make product videos and need to include screen shots from the computer control. The videos are typically Quicktime and MPG2 (for DVD). What are other people doing?

            Thanks again for your help!