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    Acobat DC Forms that Require Signatures Between Multiple Parties




      I hope someone can guide me through the steps of how to create the form I need.  I can't find the tutorial that does this, although I'm sure this is a common need.


      Here's what I need to happen:


      1) I create the form with fields for both our company and two other parties to sign (husband and wife).

      2) Our representatives need to fill out some of the fields ahead of time prior to sending to the parties.

      3) Form is sent out to them and they are directed to fill out the fields and both sign.

      4) We are alerted that they signed the form, go back into it and sign our signature.  Then send it out to both parties and keep a copy for ourselves.


      Also, can someone direct me to a tutorial that explains the uses of the different fields?  Title field, Company field, Name field, Email field, etc.  What is the advantage of using those vs. just adding a field that you format a certain way?  Are they tied to the signatures? 


      A huge thank you to whomever can answer these questions for me!