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    Fixed Layout EPUB Display Order Backwards in iBooks - HELP!


      I have a spread/facing pages magazine-like ID file I'm trying to export to be view-able from iBooks or other EPUB rendering software.  Some facts:

      • InDesign CC 2015
      • Mac OS - El Capitan
      • Fixed Layout EPUB3

      I exported to Dropbox and then viewed the output on my iPad and iPhone.  The EPUB display order is backwards i.e. the first thing to show is the cover page, however, the navigation is from right to left back through the document.  The same is true when opening the file on my Macbook Pro in iBooks.  The display order is correct when viewing the EPUB file using Readium for Chrome.   I also exported directly to my hard drive on the Macbook and experienced the same issue loading the file in iBooks on the machine.  I saw a couple other posts on the topic, but the answers were not helpful for me.  Please help, deliverable for work in the balance.