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    Specify Log Location with Acrobat DC (CC) exe installer?



      I have a question regarding the somewhat recent CCP update that modified how Acrobat DC installations are handled.

      For the most part, we've preferred deploying via MSI, however it seems the EXE method is now the preferred Adobe installation procedure.

      Is there a parameter or switch to specify log file locations?

      I was only able to find standard MSI switches.


      My understanding is that these are the default log locations for CC installations:


      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\<log>.gz
      • %Temp%\PDAPP.log


      We're currently using the following silent installation switch.

      • setup.exe --silent


      I was hoping to be able to specify a log location at installation. Is there an .EXE switch for this?