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    Urgent Help! No images after Optimizing Catalog!!!

    Summer Clark Photography

      I appologize in advance but what a gut wrenching feeling it is to have an entire photo shoot edited and have your images no where to be found! PLEASE somebody help! So first off, after I was finished editing, I went to export them and it said it could not be done. Then all the images had exclamation point marks and all the photos were "missing".. (I changed the folder name outside of lightroom which I now know is a no-no) There was absolutely no option that said "find missing folder" like all the research I did when I right clicked on the folder's name.. I tried everything. My edited images still remained in the library module with the missing icon. So then finally I just optimized the catalog hoping a miracle would happen (dumb I know) and now there are no images at all and when I click on the catalog's name there are no pictures. I am so upset right now, someone please help this newbie! Thank you in advance!