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    Symbols appear smaller relative to stage when program runs

    pocket_sevens Level 1

      Scaling has always been an issue with me since I've used Adobe Animate. I find it frustrating that the width/height inside of a symbol are completely different than width and height on the stage. However, I used to be able to work around it by putting my entire scene into a symbol, and resizing that symbol to match the size of the stage. Unfortunately that stopped working a while ago and I have no idea why. What happens now is that while I'm editing, I'll resize the scene and it looks like it fits the stage perfectly, but when I test the program the scene is actually much smaller than the stage, and there's tons of white space. It does this regardless of whether or not the "Scale Content" option is clicked or what Fla document I'm working on.


      Here's another example: With the stage set at 550 x 400, I made a blue rectangle and transformed it to be exactly the same size as the stage. Ran the program, whole screen was blue, yay. Then I resized the stage to be 1000 X 727 with the Scale Content option on. The rectangle automatically resized as expected, and the dimensions read 999.95 X 727.25. Not exact, but oh well close enough. But then when I run the program the rectangle no longer fills up the whole frame. There are large white spaces to the left and the right of the rectangle. Arrg!! What is the scale content option even for if not to make this easier? And why did this used to work, but now it doesn't?  Even if I resize the rectangle manually to be the exact same size as the stage, I still get the white spaces. So to summarize, my questions are why is this happening and how do I fit the rectangle or any other objects/symbols to the stage?


      I'd greatly appreciate any insight from anyone who understands why this is happening and/or knows how to solve it. Thanks for reading.