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    No interactions - can't share


      After removing all interactions, I tried sharing my artboards, but I get a message:

      "The artboard "XXX" contains no interactions. Please add interactions or choose a new home artboard."

      I don't want the interactions - just to share the whole design with the option of browsing freely from artboard to artboard.

      Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong?




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          dwabyick1 Adobe Employee

          Hi Nurit,


          Sorry to hear you are having some trouble.   I think you're hitting a usability issue, but hopefully not a bug that will stop you from sharing.


          Right now we have a 'rule' that if you have interactions, but don't have interactions on your home artboard, you aren't allowed to share.

          Can you verify that you don't have any additional interactions specified?  It can be hard to hunt down all interactions you specify right now (something we definitely want to improve).   You need to delete them to 'Share All' right now.


          One tip is you can click CMD-A which should show you any interactions for any top-level items in your prototype. You may also want to hit CMD-0 so you can see all your content.


          I hope this helps you share all your artboards.  We're definitely looking to improve this in the future.




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            nurita29130378 Level 1

            Did find one naughty one that was hiding all this time

            Thanks for the tip with the cmd-A.

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              I have the same problem and I'm positive I've cleared all wires out (CMD+A, tons of double-clicking and zooming etc.). Are you sure this functionality is bullet-proof?