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    url  address: using DOI

      I have a journal/publication client that is wanting me to begin using a unique-identifier for each of their articles in thieir Journal. This new initiative is to conform with their participation in the DOI (dig. obj. identifier) process for the articles in their journal.

      To comply, they need to have a url setup such as http://www.ajjtp.org/10.3519/ajournal.2006.2163 (preferred) or http://www.ajjtp.org//doi.cfm?doi=10.3519/ajournal.2006.2163') and then have that url pull up the correct article pdf from thier database. I have all of the DOIs (10.3519/ajournal.2006.2163) in a database that is matched to the article pdf addresses.

      But, my level of cfmx programming is only beg-mid level and I'm not certain how to attack this project? Can anyone offer help.

      A very good reference for how the project should function is the journal Nature's process at:


      Which you can see, this url pulls up an exact article.

      Tallahassee, FL