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    Adobe DNG Raw converter 8.8


      Received excellent advice earlier from respondent Akash concerning non compatibility of RAW files generated by my Canon 760d and Elements 12 on a iMAC on OSX10.11.


      Advised to upgrade to Elements14 or 'use the DNG converter'.


      So I have downloaded the Adobe DNG converter_8_8.dmg which is the version ascribed by Adobe for this camera, but cannot upload any .CR2 /Raw images from the selected source (desktop in this case) onto the input form as all files are greyed out. Same with any other source folder/USB etc.


      Does this now indicate non compatibility between my camera and the DNG converter, despite the Adobe recommendations ? Can anyone advise please?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all, DNG converter 8.8 was the first version that supported your camera. That doesn't mean you are limited to that version. You can use any subsequent version of the DNG converter.


          The DNG converter does not work on individual files. You will notice in the converter interface that it prompts you for the FOLDER that contains your raw images. You should select the FOLDER in the DNG converter, but don't open the folder and try to select individual DNG files because it won't work. Because of this nature, it would probably be best for you to move those images from the desktop into a folder, and then choose that folder for the DNG converter to work with.

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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            To add what Jim suggested, there was a note for that camera that 8.8 was the preliminary version, but 9.0 was the main version. So download the latest version and make sure you save the converted dng files for version 8.1-8.5.

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              woodworker34 Level 1

              Many thanks guys. I would have been floundering around for ages with this ! Whilst it is normally all there somewhere, I do not find Adobe information or help easy to find, understand or use.


              Thanks again for the expert advice.