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    Edit Text Within a PDF


      I have Adobe DC.   I am trying to edit a pdf.  I'm open my document.  I click "Edit PDF" & then it shows the borders around the various sections.  But when I place my cursor on the text within a section & try to delete the info., it won't let me.  Instead, it tries to delete the form itself.    What can I do or what am I doing wrong??

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Is it possible that this PDF file does not contain "real" text, but instead an image (or multiple images) of text? This can happen if the PDF file is a scanned document.


          Can you select text inside on of these selected areas? Can you edit text? When you say it deletes the form itself, what exactly do you mean by that? Does it delete all page content? You are referring to a form, are you trying to edit a form (and e.g. remove information from a form field)? In that case, the "Edit" method is the wrong tool to use. You should be able to to edit the form field content without selecting another tool (unless the field is read-only, then you first have to select to "Prepare Form" and then change the field properties).


          What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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            jewelg85956091 Level 1

            Hi Thank you for responding. 

            It is "real text" for sure.  Allow me to answer your last question first.   I have a new job where I have these forms to fill out.  Instead of "blank forms", the forms I receive are still filled out with previous info. on them.  My job is to delete the previous info. & fill in the blanks with the new info.    Perhaps "removing info from a form field" is a good way of putting it.  When I try to delete the text within the field, it won't do it, but it will delete the blank itself or even the preceding question.   Let me give you an example...


            Say the form was talking about cars.  It may say:





            The blanks would be filled out, say, "Honda", "Accord", "Blue".   My job would be to delete that & fill in the make, model, & color of the new car...only it won't do it.  It will delete the line underneath, & it will even delete the actual words, "Make, Model, & Color", but not the text itself.  I don't think it's in "read only".   I know I had downloaded a "read only" version of Adobe by mistake the other day, but then I uninstalled it & downloaded the Adobe dc.    What do you think?

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              Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

              Hello jewelg85956091,


              It is most likely possible if those forms initially didn't have form field. Field which are fillable. So users may have entered the data using type write tool or using Add text tool.


              In that case, it is as design behavior.  Would you put a screen shot of some fields in your next response to give us more idea about a form?



              Tariq Dar.

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                jewelg85956091 Level 1

                I'm pretty sure the form fields are fillable & I do happen to know that the person who filled out the form before me uses the "Fill & Sign" tool.

                I can't exactly send a screen shot because they contain confidential info on them though.  Based on what I told you, do you think it could still be a "design behavior"?  


                I might also mention that the person sending me the forms has a PC & I have an Apple.  So the forms are coming previously filled out from a PC.


                Thank you so much for your time & response.



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                  Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                  Hi Jewel,


                  If the user has used the "Fill and Sign" that means the forms is flattened and this may happen.

                  If you are using Acrobat DC we have released latest updated and there are some enhancements for editing. You may try again and check if that makes any difference. Else there isn't much we can do in this case, unfortunately.



                  Tariq Ahmad.

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                    jewelg85956091 Level 1

                    Hmmm...The forms may be "flattened"?


                    What do you mean "We have released latest updated..."   I just got the Adobe DC (Free Trial) about a week ago & last tried using it again 3 days ago.  Was something different released that may help? 


                    Thank you for time.

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                      Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                      Flatten : Form Field Flattening in Acrobat X  and https://blog.idrsolutions.com/2011/01/what-is-pdf-form-flattening/  talks about flattening.


                      Sorry for typo error, I meant we have released latest update patch which contains fixes for editing.




                      Tariq Dar.

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                        jewelg85956091 Level 1

                        Thank you Tariq.  I was away for the weekend but I'll try & look at it

                        today when I get off work.


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