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    How do I add text to a field that already has text in it via a dropdown box?

    Madmaxneo Level 1

      On this form there is a dropdown box (MotSelect) that has text used to populate a set of fields named "Mot1" through "Mot10" through the use of a button titled "MotButton". But it would be much more clean and take up fewer number of fields if I were able to combine the "Mot1" through "Mot10" fields into a single field (let's call it "MotComb") and have the "MotButton" take the selection in the "MotSelect" dropdown and add the new selections to that single field without deleting the existing text.


      Basically the text in the "MotSelect" dropdown is, Run, Push Ups, Jumping Jacks, and Pull Ups. If I first put Run into the "MotComb" field and then want to add Pull Ups at a later time to the field, how do I do that without deleting Run? I'd also like to have some kind of a separator like a comma when I add in more text.