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    Flash with breeze

      I have a problem, when I insert a flash file in a power point using breeze presenter and I publish it, there is possible to see the animations and objects of the flash file that are out of the flash window…

      What must I do so that we can only see the objects and animations that are inside the flash file, and not the ones that are out of the flash window?

      I hope you have understood what I’m asking…
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          i_am_captivate Level 1

          I recently posted about this issue where flash animations do not fit on the screen (The post was originated by Vampire_Hunter, if you would like to reference it). I beleive the issue here is due to the fact that the Breeze Presenter window has a maximum resolution of 720 x 540. So if you have a flash animation that is 800 x 600 for example, it will be too big for the presentation, unless you crop it down, thus, losing quality.

          What I would recommend is attempting to resize the animation within powerpoint, and see how it affects the quality. If it has an adverse effect, you may want to consider resizing the flash animation inside of flash, if this does not cause too much extra work.

          I hope this helps.