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    Why muy card is not supported ?


      I bought a GTX 750 Ti with CUDA and wanted to accelerate my after effects projects but the card Seems to be not supported... I wonder why ? It's an Nvidia with CUDA drivers and it isn't an old card.. maybe I am missing something but it would be cool to use all my hardware for accelerate my workflow and my renders.


      thanks in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Don't sweat it.  AE makes so little use of those cards that it isn't worth worrying about it.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you're using a current version of AE, you can tick a simple box to use "unsupported" cards.


            HOWEVER, unless you are using the obsolete ray-traced renderer to create 3d geometry in AE, it won't make a difference. The current version of AE doesn't use the GPU for much at all. See this page for more information on how AE uses the GPU.


            The AE team considers the ray-traced renderer to be dead, so they are not going to be testing any more cards to add to that list.


            For the record, I thought the ray-traced renderer was pretty "meh" when it was first introduced in AE version 11 even before it got supplanted by Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware (which are included for free in every CC version of AE). I don't know of anybody who actually used it in an actual client product. There are much, much better ways to make 3d in AE. You can either use Cinema 4D Lite (which has much more power than the ray-traced renderer ever did) or you could go for a fast-rendering third-party plugin (like Element, Zaxwerks 3d Invigorator, ShapeShifter, etc.) which actually would use a video card. The requirements for third-party plugins have nothing to do with AE's "approved" list; that list is cards that are approved for accelerating the ray-traced renderer.


            Now, the next version of AE (which I would guess is going to be released pretty soon since they've been showing preview videos of it) does use the GPU to accelerate some effects, but, again, what cards would work have nothing to do with the ray-traced renderer.