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    Alternate graphic formats for different outputs?

      I have a specific problem, but the only solution I can think of is general enough to ask about in this forum. The general version: can I have two versions of a graphic for different kinds of output, with a conditional tag to control which is used?

      The specific version (already asked about under Printed Documentation, but no responses): I need to create a printed output of my help system, and my bitmap graphics print very poorly. If I were doing a Word document, I would make the bitmaps bigger (maybe 4x) than the printed size, and they would print correctly. But for online use, a bitmap needs to be at its actual image size.

      Any help appreciated.
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          You absolutely can. After you insert a graphic in your topic, you can highlight it and apply a conditional build tag. Works just like highlighting a word to make it conditional text.

          BTW, this works especially well for your situation - online graphics vs. print. I used it to include screen prints in the print version only - saved so much space in my online version!