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    Not recognising photos


      any ideas why the software won't recognise photos on iMac taken on iPhone. I have thousands I want to edit  

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Try copying them off the iPhone to your Mac hard drive and then import them into LR.

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            katew58589328 Level 1

            They are already on my imac in photos as the automatically synched. LR won't import them as they can't recognise them

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              dj_paige Level 9

              Please explain exactly what "can't recognize" / "won't recognize" means. Describe exactly what you see happening. Please quote the exact word-for-word error message.

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                Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                By far the simplest way to get iPhone photos from your iPhone to Lightroom is to use Lightroom mobile on iOS but I should give you one caution. With iOS 9 and iPhone 6, Apple defaulted the camera app to generate "live photos". These are actually short movies in a proprietary format but in a .mov container that no other application can actually read. Even Apple's own photos only just gained support for them. Make sure you turn that feature off on your phone if you want the images to be able to be read by Lightroom.

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                  katew58589328 Level 1

                  That makes se I hate the live photo thing. But 90% of them are on iPhone 5 or 6 without this. So do j download Lightroom mobile on my phone import them into that then import to desktop? There's so many of them from gigs  

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                    Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    No in that case what you should do is one of two things. One, if all you have in your Photos library is your iPhone photos, you can import your entire current Photos Library into Lightroom by going to your pictures folder. There you should see an icon called Photos Library.photoslibrary. Control (or right) click on this and select "show package contents" from the contextual menu that you get. Then select the Masters folder and drag that onto the Lightroom icon in your dock. In the Lightroom import dialog, make sure to select "include subfolders" in the left column. This should show you all your images in the Photos library. Now you can either use "add" to add the images to your library in place, or use copy to copy the images over. You can also, if your Photos library contains much more than the photos you want to get into Lightroom, select the images you want to get into Lightroom, then export from Photos (use the "unmodified originals" option in File->Export) into a folder on your desktop. Drag that folder onto Lightroom and use the move option.