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    Removing anchored graphics in TOC

    jay fresno Level 2

      The book I'm working on each of the main headings has two anchored graphics: one at the beginning of the heading and one at the end of the heading. When I create a TOC, InDesign inserts the anchored graphics at the beginning and end of each entry. I want the anchored graphics to show in the main headings throughout the book. But I don't want them to show in the TOC entries. I have created a separate paragraph style for the TOC entries, but have not been able to come up with a way to remove or hide the anchored graphics. I've been removing them one by one each time I update the TOC, but that is time-consuming and tedious.

      The book is all in one InDesign file, not divided into separate documents. I can't use Find/Replace to speed up the process because for some reason InDesign doesn't recognize the anchored frames in the TOC as being anchored frames.

      Any suggestions you might have would be very much appreciated.