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    How to remove watermark after exporting then re-importing? [Was: Help]


      I have exported the photo(s) with my watermark on it and then imported the same photo(s) back to the file in Lightroom. Is there any way I can get the watermark off?

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Haley,


          There is no easy way to remove the watermark. You'd have to go into Photoshop and use the variety of tricks available there to clone and heal it out of the image.


          Do do you still have your original images in Lightroom? There's almost never any good reason to re-import an image that you have exported from Lightroom, when the original is still readily available. In fact, that is the recommended workflow : import you originals into Lightroom, make adjustments and creative edits, done. Then only export when you need a copy to use for another purpose (Send to social media, upload to a web site, send to printers, etc). Then once you've sent off the exported image, delete it. You can always export a fresh copy later if you need one. The original image (with LR adjustments) is your digital master and can be used to create any output you'll ever need.



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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Just use the original image for whatever you plan on doing with it.


            Once a watermark is placed on an image it is BURNED into that image.

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