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    import editable  vector into Animate

    Krathke Level 1

      My question is so basic I am hesitant to post it, but I have tried finding an answer everywhere to no avail so...


      Essentially I am simply trying to move my editable object from Illustrator into Animate, and I keep getting an object that has a bounding box and is not editable! It seems like it is sometimes, but usually not, and I'm afraid that despite my having a new iMac that Illustrator is glitchy enough that I can't know for certain whether I am doing something wrong or my machine is glitchy.


      I drew a very simple object in Illustrator. Tried importing that object into Library and then pulling it from there on to Stage. Also tried just copying and pasting into Animate, both Library and Stage. In all cases I get the bounding box. I tried pulling the Asset that I downloaded from the Adobe Animate tutorial, and that one remains editable. So I must be saving mine incorrectly? But I believe I have tried every variation on saving, exporting, importing, etc and I only get a bounding box, except for a couple of times when I got an editable object, and I can't say why it was different!


      here are some screen shots:

      Illustrator vector object:editable illustrator object.png

      Animate with that same object imported:animate bounding.png

      Animate with Adobe tutorial object: animate adobe asset.png