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    Just a bunch of newbye questions

      Well i have some questions ...so i'll get str8 to the point :
      1. I have this projector .exe file in which i load an external .swf file by movieclip.loadMovie .this swf file has some musik in it's library which plays just fine when i open it by itself, but won't play at all when i load it in the .exe file...of course i could put all the music in the .exe file but that would make it very big and it would run slowly.
      2. Talking about size, the .fla of the projector i made has benn growing in size ever since, it's like when i delete music or stuff from the library it won't phisically delete it..how do I compact the .fla file, not the end .exe file??
      3. This is sort of a funny question : my text size in the help contents panel is kinda small and I can't read almost anything from help...how do i increase back the font size?

      P.S. I remembered another funny thing i made this little game that i wanted, and when you pressed ESC it should show you a menu, just like in all games...the problem is it won't work...it works for almost any key(like P, A , 9 etc) but not for escape...I tried Key.ESCAPE and no result... why??

      thanks in advance for any answers there might be....

      Later edit...I see nobody answered...reallly nobody knows??