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    Adobe keeps charging me for something I've already paid.


      Hi, I'm Julia,


      It's been a week that adobe shows me a message saying:



      We detected a problem with the last Adobe Creative Cloud payment. Connect to the internet to manage your account and verify the billing informations.

      If you already updated your details, be aware that it may take up 24 hours till the status of your membership is updated and the message removed.

      The operation of the Creative Cloud product will be interrupted if the problem is not solved within the displayed time.



      The main problem is that i already checked my last payment, and it's "ok". I have even received a SMS and an e-mail in the day it was paid.

      I decided to buy the same plan I've had (AGAIN), in case they interrupt my Creative Cloud (Cause i can't work without it). It was friday, and i received and e-mail and a SMS confirming my purchase, but i'm still receiving this message everytime i open any adobe software.



      What should i do? Did i do something wrong? Do I have to wait these last 3 days for them to "renew" my account? Adobe Creative Cloud@d.jpg