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    adjust filmloop based on key input??

      I really like to know if the position of a filmloop on the stage can be adjusted while it is running.

      I would like to steer an entire filmloop left or right over the stage with presses of the left and right arrowkeys while the filmloop is playing. It is for a Waterskiing game-like application in which several objects, like buoys or small islands come towards you as you are skiing. If there is steered left, the buoy should not only come straight towards you and become larger (both combined in a filmloop), but should also deviate from its standard path. For example, as I steer right, the filmloop containing the buoy should shift a bit in opposite direction, to the left. From searching the help I get the impression that this can't be done, but I want to know for sure before rejecting this options and searching for alternatives.

      Thanks a lot,